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Start Planning Your Travel Journey With Us From SGD $25

We Will Be Your Very Own Personal Travel Planner

Planning an upcoming trip? Not sure what to do? Need help to figure things out? Do you feel tired of thinking about which places to visit or where to find food? Why don't you get someone as your travel planner to make travel planning easier and stress free for you?

We know how hard, exhausting and stressful it is to plan a trip and a lot of time is needed to do so. As such, we would love to help you by saving your time, money and gives you a peace of mind.

We will be your very own personal travel planner, helping you to clarify your itineraries and prepare them according to your needs. We will maximize your vacation time and let you enjoy your vacation without compromising on anything. We offer first-hand trip planning and recommendations, which will uniquely suit your specific needs, schedule and budget.

It is important for you to understand that we are not a travel agency, we are here to help you plan your trip. A travel agent does all the bookings of flights and accommodation for you at high rates. Whereas, what we offer as a travel planner is advice based on our own experiences travelling. We will help to create a travel itinerary for you based on your budget and specific preferences. Your responsibility is to make your own bookings. We will also advice on our favorite travel websites and apps to make booking really easy for you. 


  1. We will plan your vacation just like we plan for ours
  2. We are here as your vacation advocate
  3. We will get you the best deals
  4. We check daily with multiple outlets to find the price that suits your budget
  5. We not only save you time, but we can also save you money
  6. We will seamlessly piece together the exact trip you are looking for


  1. General trip consultation - We will discuss and go through your interests, goals, budgets and needs
  2. Provide a day by day itinerary for your specific dates
  3. Give recommendations for places to visit
  4. Suggestions for things to do and where to find local foods
  5. Transportation options such as trains, buses and more


Prices are: 

1 - 7 days Customized Itinerary for SGD $25 

2 weeks Customized Itinerary for SGD $49

3 weeks Customized Itinerary for SGD $89

*All payment must be made first before we begin putting your trip together. 


Please email us at artsiemarket@gmail.com and tell us about your trip:

  1. Your Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Country that you will be visiting
  4. Travel Dates
  5. Budget for your trip
  6. Your interests / goals / needs / requests

The more details you tell us, the better we can help to plan your trip.

If you have any other questions, please contact us! And if you need a sample of our customized itinerary, email us at artsiemarket@gmail.com. 🙂